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Want to Green Your Cleaning, save money and help kids with Cancer?
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     Green Your World-Deirdre's Fox News Health Blog
     Reducing Environmental Cancer Risks
     Creating a Healthier YOU
     Deirdre's Cancer Prevention Tips
     Healthy Schools Give Back Green In A Big Way
     Household Cleaning Products Pose a Danger to Kids

Can We Eat To Starve Cancer
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Afro-Vegan, By Bryant Terry

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At The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center®, education is central to everything we do. Educating parents, teachers, community members and children through public speaking events provides a platform for creating healthier communities.  The Center website promotes learning on a global scale, providing links to resources, research and more. For groups located near Hackensack University Medical Center, Center tours are available on a limited basis, as are print materials.

Greening Your School

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 60 million Americans — one-fifth of the population — spend their days inside school buildings as students, faculty, staff and administration.

Kids and Teens

Here you will find links to government websites for kids, parents and teachers, focusing on health, fitness, the environment and more.