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the essential green you!


 easy ways to detox your diet, your body, and your life


VOLUME THREE in the bestselling Green This! series


by Deirdre Imus

xxx In THE ESSENTIAL GREEN YOU! Easy Ways to Detox Your Diet, Your Body, and Your Life  – Volume Three in the Bestselling Green This! Series (Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks; December 30, 2008), Deirdre Imus, philanthropist, environmental and children’s health advocate, explores ways individuals can change the way they live their daily lives for their own benefit as well as the benefit of the environment. Imus gives readers advice on how to protect themselves from toxins and empowers them to lead a healthy life.

The Book You Need to Kick Off to a Healthy Year

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100% of the author's profits from this book will benefit
the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer.

Imus shares tips on how to green the way we take care of ourselves. Topics include:  the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the cosmetics and toiletries we use.  Imus educates consumers on a wide range of issues, including: how to eat green without paying a premium; how to identify nontoxic personal care products; which kinds of medication have the least toxic impact on our bodies and the environment; where to find clothes that are both environmentally friendly as well as fashionable; and so many others.
“Greening your life isn’t about sacrifice,” says Imus, “it’s about adding quality to your life.  A cleaner, healthier lifestyle can bring us closer to nature and the people we love.”  THE ESSENTIAL GREEN YOU! includes the most up to date scientific research and motivates conscientious consumers to reduce their exposure to environmental toxins and to make realistic and affordable changes to conventional care products and techniques.
Filled with effective solutions to the many problems our modern environment presents, THE ESSENTIAL GREEN YOU! features:  

  • A list of labels found on a range of food and grocery store products, with helpful definitions and safety precautions for staples like meat and fish, for shopping smarter every day.

  • How to make sense of the many unstudied substances in personal care products we take for granted, like shampoo and deodorant, with clear recommendations for specific nontoxic products and when to compromise.
  • A walkthrough of a wardrobe’s entire life cycle, to better understand the enormous impact clothing production has on our environment.
  • An even-handed, no-nonsense examination of dietary supplements, alternative remedies and holistic healthcare.
Packed with reliable research and Deirdre Imus’ common-sense know-how, THE ESSENTIAL GREEN YOU! proves just how easy it can be for even the busiest people to make effective, wholesome lifestyle choices for healthier, happier lives.
*                 *                 *

Deirdre Imus is the Founder and President of The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center ® at Hackensack University Medical Center and Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer. Deirdre is the author of two New York Times bestsellers -- the newest book in the Green This! series, Growing Up Green, Baby and Child Care; a practical family guide to raising children in an ever increasing toxic world; and Green This! Volume 1: Greening Your Cleaning, offering a wealth of insights and expertise for protecting families from harmful chemicals. She is also author of The Imus Ranch: Cooking for Kids and Cowboys, a national bestseller, and a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.   She has also written several articles for Town & Country, Commerce, and other magazines.         

THE ESSENTIAL GREEN YOU! How to Detox Your Diet, Your Body, and Your Life – Volume Three in the Bestselling Green This! series
By Deirdre Imus
Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks
Publication Date: December 30, 2008
Price: $15.95
ISBN-10: 141654125X / ISBN-13: 9781416541257
100% of the author’s profits from this book will benefit the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer.

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Deirdre Imus, President and founder of The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center®, is the author of three national bestsellers, and  a fourth, the latest in the New York Times best-selling Green This! series -- THE ESSENTIAL GREEN YOU! Easy Ways to Detox Your Diet, Your Body and Your Life.
100% of the author's after tax profits from this book will benefit the Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer.