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Can We Eat To Starve Cancer
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DIN Product Line

Our DIN products are formulated using naturally derived ingredients that help minimize the hazards normally associated with traditional cleaners. They are non toxic when used as directed, readily biodegradable, and free of any known human carcinogens and teratogens.

All DIN Line Products are Environmental Choice Certified.                                                                                                                
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DIC Line


All Purpose Cleaner

Laundry Detergent

Basin, Tub & Tile Cleaner
Formulated for tough soils and grime. Excellent for use on any hard surface not damaged by water. Can be used on VCT, terrazzo, marble and rubber floors. Specially formulated to be non-irratating to sensitive skin. Cleans, softens, whitens, brightens and deodorizes. Non-caustic to extend fabric life. Rapidly cleans, deodorizes and removes soap scum, lime, scale and body oils from shower walls, doors, sinks and ceramic tile. Not formulated with acid.

Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Hand Soap
DIN 12

Glass & Window Cleaner
DIN 13
A safe, powerful cleaner that cuts through scale, rust and stains without harsh acids, harmful fumes or vapors. Can be used in bowls and urinals as well as sinks, showers and tubs. Non-irritating, very gentle cleansing soap for all skin types. Cleans windows, mirrors, chrome, countertops, plastic surfaces and more without streaking or film. Pleasant scent, fast drying.

HD Degreaser & Cleaner
DIN 14

Winter Wash
DIN 15

pH Neutral Floor Cleaner
DIN 20
A water dilutable, heavy duty cleaner that removes automotive, industral and kitchen soils instantly. Works in both hot and cold water. Removes white film from ice melt chemicals at entranceways and demineralizes salt deposits. UL approved for slip resistance. Lifts dirt and leaves a shine. Excellent for daily maintenance, no rinsing, can be used on multiple floor types. Cleans numerous surfaces and can be used in many application systems.

Cream Cleanser
DIN 21

Carpet & Upholstery Steam Extraction Cleaner
DIN 23

Pot & Pan Cleaner
DIN 69
Rapidly cleans and removes grime, soap scum, lime and scale from a variety of porous surfaces such as tub and shower stalls, sinks and toilets without scratching. Clings to vertical surfaces. Cleans and brightens carpet surfaces. Easily loosens, lifts and removes embedded dirt from fibers. Can also be used for bonnet cleaning. A concentrated, foaming cleaner that cuts grease and grime. For use on dishes, glasses, utensils, pots and pans. Easy rinsing for streak-free results.